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Information for Families on the FACT and FAM programs

What is the purpose of F.A.C.T?
The Families As Classroom Teachers Program (FACT) provides families with children who have a long lasting illness a chance to share what their family has gone through with students and professionals. The program is open to instructors at Vanderbilt University, as well as other Middle Tennessee colleges and universities. Participating families provide valuable learning experiences for students and will help improve the care and well-being of children.

How are families contacted?
Both instructors and Family Resource Center staff contact families to request a class room talk. The Family Resource Center requests presentations to be made to medical student orientations and for FAM (Families As Mentors) presentations, which are visits made to the family's home by one or two medical students or residents.  An instructor may want to obtain further information about a family before deciding on whether or not the family might assist with teaching a particular class. 

Can families say "No" to a request for a presentation?
Of course, families can decide if they want to participate in a particular course's presentation. Saying "no" is fine, but remember the more presentations you make, the more students are reached by your family's message and the greater success we have with the program. Always return phone calls to an instructor or the Family Resource Center, even if it is just to say, "No, thanks, we can't do it this time."

Will there be any orientation classes?
We are currently not holding a formal orientation program. Informal telephone orientations provide information on program policies and procedures.

How long is the enrollment period/commitment to the program?
Families enroll for one calendar year. Families are contacted in the fall to see if they are interested in signing up for another year.

Will my family's privacy be protected?
Families are asked to sign a release form giving permission for information about their family to be included in the directory. A privacy statement is included in the directory, which indicates that information about families in the directory is not to be copied or distributed without the written permission of the families involved.

Who will be able to answer other questions or concerns that we may have?
Throughout the program year, families will be able to address their questions, concerns, and suggestions to staff at the Junior League Family Resource Center. The Center will be responsible for passing on questions or concerns to the appropriate person. Each family will be asked to complete a review form for each class session. This information will be used to evaluate the program and to make future changes to improve the program.

For more information, please contact us.

If you are interested in being a part of our program apply here.

Last Edited: December 5, 2011
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