Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
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Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists (CLS) are part of the health care team. They are professionally trained in understanding and meeting the unique needs of children and teens in the health care environment. All Child Life Specialists are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in child life, child development, child and family studies or related field. The  Child Life Council provides professional certification for child life specialists (CCLS). A Child Life Specialist is on-call weekends and holidays.

Stephanie VanDyke, CCLS
Director, Child Life Services and Volunteer Services, (615) 343-3692

Katie Beard, CCLS
Hematology/Oncology/Infusion Clinic, (615) 936-5457

Katherine Bennett, CCLS
Educator, (615) 936-8231

Annie Hickox, CLS
Cardiology, (615) 936-5432

Christie Zeman, CCLS
PRN Child Life, (615) 936-4575

Jessika Boles , CCLS
Pediatric Critical Care Unit, (615) 322-2113

Nilu Rahman, CCLS
Emergency Department and Radiology (615) 936-1842

Sarah Beth Gray, CCLS
Radiology, (615) 343-1861

Leslie Grissim, CCLS
Diabetes, (615) 322-5391

Allison Leidy, CCLS
Orthopedics Clinic, (615) 343-1243

Jaime Holliman, CCLS
VUH Critical Care/Burn Unit, (615) 936-8339

Cathleen Johnson, CCLS
Emergency Department, (615) 936-1842

Amy Kaufhold, CCLS
Perioperative Services, (615) 936-0016

Leeanne Lackey, CCLS
Perioperative Services, (615) 936-0016

Bekah Gannon, CCLS
Special Events and Donation, (615) 322-5047

Chloe Lainhart, CCLS
Cystic Fibrosis/Acute Care Pediatrics, (615) 343-7930

Krystle Tuggle, CCLS
Acute Care Pediatrics/Trauma, (615) 936-4467

Holly Tugman, CCLS
Emergency Department and Radiology, (615) 936-1842

Erin Munn, CCLS
Cardiology, (615) 936-4472

Emily Powell, CCLS
EMU/ Acute Care Pediatrics, (615) 343-4786

Brooke Calfas, CCLS
Hematology/Oncology Inpatient, (615) 936-5458

Camille Fraser, CCLS
PRN Child Life, (615) 936-4575

Kaley Furlow, CCLS
Emergency Department and Radiology, (615) 936-1842

Stephanel Hegel, CCLS
Williamson Medical Center, (615) 435-7847 

Music Therapy
Kelsey Lownds
Music Therapist, (615) 936-8357

Dana Kim
Music Therapist, (615) 936-8357 

Hospital School  

Ashley Seth
School Teacher, (615) 343-4299

Tisha Coggins
School Teacher, (615) 875-2423

Laurie O'Shea
Child Life Services and Volunteer Services (615) 936-4575

Child Life Assistants
Child Life Assistants work in coordination with child life specialists supervising the play and activity rooms. They facilitate group and individual activities in the play and activity rooms and provide age-appropriate activities for patients at bedside.

Luara Carson, CLA, (615) 322-2146

Emily Roberts, CLA, (615) 343-0564

Erin McAllister, CLA, (615) 936-4575

Erin Rothwell, CLA, (615) 936-6132

Last Edited: October 3, 2017
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