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You Have to Believe

by Gigi Pasley and Jenny Plume

Faith Hill – Vocals
Jimmy Nichols – Piano, Bass, Synth and Background Vocals
Jerry McPherson – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin and Percussion
Produced by Faith Hill
Recorded at Blackbird Studios by David Bryant assisted by Lowell Reynolds
Mixed at The Dream Room by Bob Bullock

Faith Hill appears courtesy of Warner Bros, Records, Inc.

You Have to Believe - 30 second clip:

About the Song from music therapist Jenny Plume

This song is about having a strong belief in yourself in order to get through anything. Gigi was 10 years old at the time and had logged more “hospital time” than anyone should have to. Her attitude throughout all of her admissions was inspiring. This song was written one afternoon when she was simply talking to me about how she copes. I furiously wrote words, sentences and ideas down as they came out of her mouth. The song came together in a few hours with music not far behind. Faith Hill’s version is a beautiful and emotional rendition of the original song, and we are so happy to have her on this project.

Learn more about Gigi.

Jenny and Gigi


It’s okay to have a bad day
Just don’t let it sink in
It’s okay to feel crappy
I did it for three years over and over again

Face the facts and keep on fighting
Like there’s no tomorrow
Fight until the sunlight keeps shining
And there’s a party and out comes a rainbow

You have to believe in yourself
You have to believe you can do it
You just have to believe in yourself
So you can move through it

You can’t let it win
You’ve got to make a change
If you stop believing it will get ahead of you
And then it’s won the game


I have the light and that’s just who I am
If I feel horrible in 2 minutes, I’m upbeat again
I still have that little bit of spirit you can see
We all just have to believe


The light in your head says I’ve done it
I’ve beat the cancer and there’s no pain
Some people look at me differently
But I’m a warrior today


Last Edited: April 11, 2013
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