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Play Nicely

Why not teach all children to do it?  

Advocacy Statement

"Inappropriate discipline and early childhood aggression are two of the strongest predictors of violence later in life. No person deserves to lead a violent life because his or her caregiver did not have the skill set to respond appropriately to hurtful behavior in that person's early years. To prevent violence in our society, everyone who cares for young children should know appropriate ways to respond when they see one young child hurt another."

Why is education about discipline important?  Inappropriate discipline can lead to child maltreatment, increasing a child's risk of many physical and mental health problems later in life. This process likely occurs because childhood adversity such as maltreatment (i.e. toxic stress) causes changes in gene expression (read more about this phenomenon). Rather than waiting for problems to surface, it would be best if all parents could be educated about appropriate ways to discipline when their children are still young.  

Play Nicely is an efficient and effective way for everyone to learn appropriate parenting strategies.

Play Nicely is evidence-based; it works! Research regarding Play Nicely's efficacy can be viewed here

Play Nicely utilizes a public health approach and is offered in both English and Spanish in three separate versions for parents, teachers, and health care professionals. The program is brief; it lasts for 50 minutes, but offers results in as few as five to ten minutes. Most advantageous to those interested is that it is offered for free!

How can I view Play Nicely? Click here to view for free.


This program contains general recommendations for managing aggression in young children. Some children’s behavior may warrant approaches that are different than those described in this program. This program should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a professional. See your health care provider or other appropriate counselor if you have any questions about your child’s behavior.

Last Edited: December 4, 2014