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Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy

All links on this page offer donwloadable PDF documents.

Tips for parents of a tween/teen

These tips address some of the challenges facing tweens/teens and show you how to help your child make good choices:

Online Safety

Synthetic Drugs

Safe Driving

Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

Nutrition and Exercise 

School Aged Children: Get up and get going

Toddlers: Picky eaters can be healthy eaters 

Teens: Watch for signs of eating disorders 

Eating Locally 

Get out and play!

Give your child a gift to last their lifetime—healthy nutrition and exercise

Good food leads to a healthy heart 

Creating a Family Garden 

Healthy Choices for Healthy Children 

Healthy-in-a-hurry recipe

Keep your child's heart healthy 

Make Summertime Sweet (Without All the Sugar!) 

Physical activity and a healthy heart 

Puzzled by the pyramid

Quick guide for packing lunches

Simple pleasures are the best

Skinny on Fats

Snack attacks! 



Buckle up to keep your children safe  

Buckled up for life - infants and toddler 

Buckled up for life - young children

Buckled up for life - adolescents

Check to make sure your child is biking safely

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Garden Safety 

Having the right safety seat can save your child's life 

Home Safety 

Keeping your child safe and healthy - It's your #1 priority and ours, too!

Keep Water Safety Top of Mind During Summer Season 

Make It a Fun - and Safe - Summer!

Preventing Sports Injuries

Safe Sleep for Your Baby 

Safety Checklist: Bathrooms, Doors, Windows, Floors, Stairs and Furniture

Safety Checklist: Bedroom, Kitchen and Laundry

Proper child safety seat use chart 

Safety Checklist: Cars 

Safety Checklist: Heating, Electric and Emergency Equipment

Safety Checklist: Prevent Choking

Safety Checklist: Prevent Falls

Stop Accidents Before They Happen!

     General Health and Wellness 

Baby, It's Cold Outside! Tips for staying healthy this winter

Breast-feeding Your Baby

Healthy Habits Start at Home!

Cold vs. flu: how can I tell?

Catch-up Immunization

Easy ways to stay healthy during cold & flu season

Fall leaves, football and flu shots! 

Give your child a healthy start

Handwashing: A Simple Way to Stay Healthy 

How to avoid getting a cold or the flu

How to wash your hands

Managing Fall Allergies 

It's child's play

Keep your child healthy

Preventing the Flu 

Immunization Protection 

Recommended Immunization

Simple Tips to Keep Your Children Healthy, Happy and Safe

Start healthy... stay healthy

Use antibiotics appropriately

Well Child Visits

Why it's important to read to your child

Your child and television: It's all about balance!

Your kids and tobacco use 


Coloring and Activity Sheets for Kids  

Are you part of Champ's All Star Team? 

Color Me Beautiful

Champ wants to know about you! 

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Get Champ home safely 

Join Champ’s Play-It-Healthy-and-Safe Team! 

Reading is cool! 

Who and what help you stay healthy and Safe?

Last Edited: June 14, 2016
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