Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
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Educational Program

Block diagram of pediatric otolaryngology educational program






AM Eavey Clinic

AM OR Werkhaven

AM Wootten OR

AM Wootten Clinic

AM Eavey OR


Goudy Clinic

PM Tylor Clinic

PM Goudy OR

PM Research/ Educational Time

3rd Monday
VPI Meeting

2nd and 4th Tuesday PM
VPI Clinic

1st and 3rd Wednesday
Aerodigestive Meeting

3rd Thursday PM Aerodigestive Clinic

2nd Friday AM
Aerodigesitve Clinic

2nd and 4th Monday Aerodigestive
OR cases

2nd Tuesday Vascular Malformations Meeting

2nd Wednesday Cochlear Implant Meeting



4th Monday
Case Presentations/ Journal Club/ M&M





VPI Meeting responsibilities include case presentation, review of tests/x-rays, interpretation of videonasal endoscopy, and surgical planning for each patient.

Aerodigestive OR responsibilities include review of each patient's previous medical and surgical history, indications for surgery, surgical planning and execution of surgical cases.

Aerodigestive Clinic responsibilities include reviewing the medical history including pertinent swallowing, breathing, voice, and respiratory concerns. Once the patient is seen and the history is reviewed, an assessment and plan is formulated and reviewed with the attending.

Vascular Malformations Meeting responsibilities include presenting patients, discussing the appropriate radiological tests to make a diagnosis, discussing treatment options and determining the treatment plan.

Aerodigestive Meeting responsibilities include summarizing the relevant clinical, radiologic, and operative history of patients seen in the clinic. With this information a care plan will be formulated, along with the other aerodigestive members (Pediatric Pulmonary, Pediatric GI, and Speech Therapy) for each patient.

Case Presentation/Journal Club/Morbidity & Mortality responsibilities include presenting unusual cases, along with appropriate supporting articles. There is also a quality improvement portion to this meeting during which we will review any complications and relevant articles.

Cochlear Implant Meeting responsibilities include presenting candidate patients for implantation with genetic and radiologic findings.

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