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Ice Hockey

Contact with other players, the boards, or the ice may result in a number of injuries. Hockey injuries occur much more frequently in games and increase with participation levels.


  • Make sure your child uses equipment that fits properly and is well maintained. This includes skates, pads, protective guards, helmets with face guards, gloves, mouthguards, and goalie equipment.
  • Decrease the growth of bacteria and germs by keeping your child's equipment clean. Skin infections are often the result of dirty hockey equipment.
  • Only have your child skate on surfaces that have been approved by an adult or local officials as properly maintained.
  • Encourage your child to participate in pre-season conditioning to avoid physical overload when the season starts.
  • Your child's team should demonstrate sportsmanship and obey existing rules.
  • Ensure that your child's team has an emergency action plan in place that includes first aid and emergency contact information. The team and parents should be familiar with this plan.

Special Concerns


Hydration is equally as important for athletes playing in cold weather as it is for athletes playing in warm weather. Hockey players wear more clothing and as a result, they may not realize loss of body moisture.


Signs of frostbite include pale or white skin with numbness and tingling. Cold weather, wet clothing, and tight-fitting skates may all contribute to the development of frostbite. Your child should dress in layers, wear wicking, fast-drying wool or polypropylene socks and underwear, and ensure that skates fit properly.

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