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Pediatric Student Rotation

Our pharmacy department precepts numerous Pharm.D. students each year from various schools of pharmacy.

Please access the student syllabus (PDF) for our pediatric medicine rotation.

For further questions about our pediatric medicine clerkship, please contact Amy Potts, PharmD, BCPS

For information about other student rotations at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, please contact Bob Lobo, PharmD, BCPS

Frequently asked questions

What should I do prior to starting my rotation?

You should contact Amy Potts, PharmD, BCPS approximately one week before your rotation begins to confirm the time and place to meet your preceptor the first day of your rotation. Be prepared to provide your Social Security number to set up your Vanderbilt computer access account. Also, please bring your vehicle registration and driver's license the first day to set up parking arrangements.

What is involved in a typical day?

Your day generally begins at 7:00 AM with retrieval of your patient list and evaluation of patient profiles. The student then attends morning pediatric conference, followed by rounds with a pediatric medicine team. After rounds, follow-up on patients via chart review, as well as retrieval of literature for drug information requests usually occurs. After lunch, the student finishes up issues from the morning, and reads and prepares to meet with their preceptor.  Your day typically ends around 3:30 depending on projects and other things on which you need to work.

Where do I park my car while at the hospital?

You will park your car in the 25th Avenue Staff Garage for the entire rotation. Please visit the Vanderbilt University Medical Center maps page and select public parking to view a map of this garage. The first day of your rotation, bring your garage ticket with you to the pharmacy for validation. During your orientation day, you will have time to set up your parking for the rest of the month in that garage. Bring your vehicle registration and driver's license to take with you to the parking office.

How are holidays handled?

These are generally handled according to each pharmacy school's holiday schedule. If it is an official school holiday on which faculty are not required to work, then it is a holiday for you as well. Otherwise, you are expected to be present for a normal day.

What happens if I get sick?

Illnesses are usually handled on a case-by-case basis. If you are too ill to come to the rotation, you will need to call the preceptor as soon as possible and leave a voice mail for them explaining what is wrong. This must be done on a daily basis until you are able to resume your rotation activities. Depending on the length of time you are absent, you may have to make up for lost time by working an evening or weekend.

What is the inclement weather policy?

Unfortunately, hospitals do not allow for snow days. You are expected to be at the rotation unless driving is hazardous. We generally expect you to make a reasonable attempt to come in that day. If it will not be feasible for you to drive to the hospital, you will need to call and speak directly to the preceptor. Depending on the length of time you are absent, you may have to make up for lost time by working an evening or weekend.

How are grades assigned?

Hard work and a positive attitude do not go unnoticed on our rotation. We expect the student to put in a full day's work, either with patient care issues or reading to understand clinical issues related to pediatrics. Students are evaluated using the forms provided by their specific colleges. We generally focus on pharmacotherapy, knowledge base and understanding, drug information responses, and overall attitude/professionalism.

What is the dress code?

Professional attire is expected. Students are expected to comply with the Vanderbilt pharmacy dress code policy. White lab coats are optional. We expect you to dress as you would once you are a pharmacist, although scrubs are not permitted. Any student not complying with the dress code will be sent home and will be required to make up the day.

Last Edited: June 15, 2016
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