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Personal Service and an Expert Team


Children's Hospital offers personal service and access to a team of experts in cleft and craniofacial disorders.

Treating craniofacial disorders requires experts from multiple medical and surgical specialties. Meet some of our team members.

These are some of the health care professionals who may care for you and your child.

Program coordinator. Acts as a personal and trusted contact between your family and the craniofacial team.

Audiologist (hearing specialist). A professional who will assist in the evaluation and management of any hearing difficulties your child may have.

Genetic counselor. A professional who reviews the medical and family history, as well as examines your child to help in diagnosis. A genetic counselor also counsels your family regarding risk for recurrence of craniofacial abnormalities in future pregnancies.

Neurosurgeon. A surgeon who specializes in the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Coordinates all surgical interventions of head abnormalities with the craniofacial surgeons.

Ophthalmologist. A doctor who specializes in the structures, functionality, and diseases of the eye. An ophthalmologist evaluates and plans treatment of associated eye problems in coordination with other surgical interventions.

Orthodontist. A dentist who evaluates the position and alignment of your child's jaws and teeth, and coordinates a treatment plan with the surgeon and other specialists. They consult and coordinate care with your family dentist.

Otolaryngologist (ear-nose-throat specialist). A surgeon who diagnoses and treats speech and hearing disorders.

Pediatric dentist. A dentist who evaluates and cares for your child's teeth. They consult and coordinate care with your family dentist.

Plastic surgeon. A surgeon with specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of skeletal abnormalities of the skull, facial bones, cleft lip and palate, cleft nasal deformity, and soft tissue.

Psychiatrist. A doctor who assesses the psychosocial function and behavioral development of your child. The psychiatrist assists the family in identifying therapy resources, and coordinates referrals with the social services department.

Social worker. A professional who provides guidance and counseling for your child and  family in dealing with the social and emotional aspects of a craniofacial abnormality. The social worker also directs you to resources and referrals.

Speech and language specialist. A professional who will perform a comprehensive speech evaluation to assess your child's communicative abilities and who will closely monitor your child throughout all developmental stages.

Last Edited: November 3, 2016
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