Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
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Services Provided


Habilitation and Rehabilitation Services at Vanderbilt

Ann and Monroe Carell Jr. Families First Workshops (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 322-6027
Free monthly training series for parents of children with autism, ages 2-5.

Arts and Disabilities Program (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 936-8852
Quarterly exhibits of art by persons with disabilities and art workshops.

Audiology Clinic (Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center)
(615) 936-5000
Provides hearing testing, hearing aid fitting, cochlear implant follow-up, and comprehensive management of hearing loss for people of all ages, including newborns.

Diagnostic Developmental Pediatrics Clinic
(615) 936-0264 or (615) 936-0286
Provides comprehensive evaluations including medical, psychological, social work and speech pathology for individuals 0-21 years of age with a focused specialty on 0-5 years of age.

Disabilities, Religion, and Spirituality (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 322-5658
Provides support to families seeking inclusive faith communities and provides resources for religious and spiritual leaders and educators.

Discovery Newsletter (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 322-8240
Free quarterly newsletter with events calendar

Down Syndrome Clinic - Children's Hospital Department of Pediatrics
(615) 343-3696, toll free (866) 900-3696
A referral clinic, providing comprehensive medical care and professional services to children with Down Syndrome [collaboration with Vanderbilt Kennedy Center]

Family Outreach Center (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 936-5118
One-stop resource for services and supports for families affected by disability. Resources include social work services and referrals to research projects.

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders Program
(Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center Division of Speech-Language)
(615) 322-0466
This program is designed specifically for infants, toddlers and adolescents who have a variety of feeding and swallowing difficulties, including dysphagia, failure to thrive, feeding-tube dependency, oral-motor difficulties, and food/oral aversion. Our services include the evaluation and management of feeding and swallowing disorders, and address the unique needs of each child and family.

Henderson Training Series for Educators (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 936-8852
Annual training series focused on research-based methods for students with diverse learning need open to school teams from public and private schools systems

Home Care (Vanderbilt Home Care Services)
If you are interested in receiving Home Care Services through Vanderbilt, please call (615) 936-0336 or email

Learning Assessment Clinic (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 936-5118
Multidisciplinary specialists provide academic assessment of students, 5-25 years, to identifying learning strengths and challenges and to recommend strategies to improve academic learning.

Next Steps at Vanderbilt Postsecondary Education Program
(Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 343-0822
Individualized, inclusive, nonresidential, certification program of postsecondary study for persons ages 18-26 with intellectual disabilities.

Occupational Therapy
(Children’s Hospital Department of Rehabilitation Services)
(615) 343-6445
Occupational therapists focus on helping patients regain or develop skills necessary for the job of living. For children, this means developing life skills and tasks that will enable them to engage within their environment as independently as possible through exercises and task-related activities that are disguised as play. Skills OTs address include fine motor, visual-motor, visual perceptual, sensory processing, oral-motor, and daily living. 

PAVE Vision Clinic (Vanderbilt Eye Institute)
(615) 936-3718 toll free 877-VUPAVE3
Assists children ages 4-21 with low vision, families, teachers

Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute (Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center)
(615) 936-5000
Provides comprehensive rehabilitative services to adults and adolescents with acquired brain injury, including academic and cognitive retraining, physical and occupational therapy, social and communication retraining, and counseling.

Physical Therapy
(Children’s Hospital Department of Rehabilitation Services)
(615) 343-6445 
Physical therapists are trained to observe and evaluate a child’s functional mobility. Treatment promotes physical abilities, fitness, and wellness. Physical therapists may recommend splinting and casting, bracing/orthotics, wheelchair and seating, and adaptive equipment. Skills therapists address include muscle strength and flexibility, postural stability, endurance, joint mobility, and coordination and balance.

Reading Clinic (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 936-5118
One-to-one tutoring and assessment, Kindergarten through elementary grades.

Speech and Language Clinic
(Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center Division of Speech-Language)
(615) 936-5000
Provides assessment and treatment services for children of all ages who have communication disorders or communication disorders with motor or sensory processing/integration disorders. Provides comprehensive intervention for speech and language delays, stuttering, articulation disorders, resonance disorders, language-based learning problems, hearing impairment, swallowing and feeding disorders, augmentative communication needs, and autism spectrum disorders.

Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital
Appointments (615) 963-4030 or Hospital operator (615) 320-7600
Provides inpatient rehabilitative services to teens on a case-by-case basis.

StudyFinder (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 936-5118
Lists projects seeking research participants: children and adults, typically developing and with disabilities.

Summer Programs and Community Activities (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 936-5118
Camp experiences for children, adolescents, and young adults with and without disabilities

Susan Gray School for Children
(615) 322-8200
An inclusive early childhood education program serving young children with and without disabilities.

TRIAD: Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders
(Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 936-1705
Provides a variety of workshops, conferences, programs and services that assist and train families and professionals about autism.

TREDS Deaf-Blind Project
(Children's Hospital Division of Developmental Medicine Center for Child Development)
(800) 288-2266 or (615) 322-8279
Technical assistance, birth-21 years for children with combined vision and hearing impairments. [collaborative project]

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 322-8529 or tollfree (800) 640-4636
Information and referral in English and Spanish, all disabilities, all ages; phone, web, print resources.

Vanderbilt Autism Resource Line (Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)
(615) 322-7565 or tollfree (877) 273-8862
Gateway to Vanderbilt clinical and research programs and resources, as well as those in community, state, and region.

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