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Pain Service


Pain Management Team

Some children have pain that requires specific care. A specialized team of pain doctors and nurses who are part of the Pediatric Anesthesiology division can help your surgeon or primary care doctor treat your child's pain. The Pediatric Pain Service provides a team approach to pediatric pain management. The pain service is for children at home and in the hospital.

Outpatient Services
Most patients have a pediatrician or specialist who manages their care. Our service evaluates patients on an outpatient basis by referral from your primary care provider or specialist provider (such as your neurologist or surgeon). Our focus is to help you better manage your pain in a variety of ways. Sometimes medicines, including opioids, are required. Sometimes, there are better ways to manage pain. We may use different classes of pain medicines or interventional therapies, such as nerve blocks, to treat some types of pain.

Pain can affect the whole body. Patients who have had restricted activities or have become used to muscle splinting or guarding because of pain do not have the natural benefit of exercise. Physical therapy may help patients strengthen and recondition the body and restore function. Patients with chronic pain may end up isolated from their friends. This loneliness can contribute to depression or difficulty coping even in young children. We often recommend patients be evaluated by someone in mental health care to assist with controlling and reducing stress caused by pain.

We keep your child's doctor informed with open communication. Once an acceptable regimen is established, ongoing pain management, including prescription refills, remains the responsibility of the primary provider.

Our clinic operates one day a week. We are also available to answer your questions Monday through Friday via telephone. Typically, new patient appointments last one hour. Follow-up appointments may take approximately 30 minutes.

To request a consultation, please have your referring physician call (615) 936-1840 and send the necessary medical information and records. We are located in Children's Hospital on the third floor of the Doctors' Office Tower in the Preadmission Testing Clinic of Children's Hospital (PATCH). 

If you are a health care provider and wish to send a referral, visit Pediatric Outpatient Pain Clinic page.

Inpatient Services
Many medical or surgical conditions can cause pain. Most pain is temporary, and tends to go away as the problem resolves. Occasionally, pain may last longer than the known problem. It may be more severe than expected from the physical findings. The child's pain may not respond to the usual treatments. If this is the case, the Pediatric Inpatient Pain Service is available for consultation. The Inpatient Pain Service may also assist your surgeon in managing pain after surgery. In addition to recommending specific medications, the inpatient  service may place and manage epidural catheters or nerve catheters to help manage pain after surgery. If your child has an upcoming surgical procedure and you are interested in knowing the pain management options, please contact your surgeon's office or call us at (615) 936-1840.

Last Edited: November 6, 2014
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