Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
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Meet our PICU Team


Leadership Team
The PICU Leadership team plays a valuable role in ensuring each child receives excellent care during their stay on the 5th floor. Our team is accountable for many unit responsibilities such as staffing, quality care, supervising unit workers, addressing family needs, facilitating communication, supplies, equipment, and collaboration with other unit and hospital team members. Our team is made up of individuals who serve in either a management, educator or administrative assistant role.

PICU nurses Charge Nurses
PICU charge nurses have many responsibilities to ensure safe and efficient workflow. They plan patient/nurse assignments and manage bed flow in the unit. They work with the other team members to help provide excellent patient care and address any family needs. Charge nurses are also key members of the Code/STAT team, Rapid Response Team, and the Family Initiated Response System Team. Each charge nurse is a licensed registered nurse and who served as a PICU bedside nurse prior to serving as a charge nurse.

PICU Nurses
The PICU registered nurse is specially trained to care for critically ill children of all ages needing special attention from trauma, surgery, and various conditions such as neurological, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, renal/genitourinary, orthopedic, burn, oncology, and/or multi-system involvement. The PICU nurse is essential to meeting patients' physical  and pain management needs. They address changes in the patient's condition, communicating with the health care team regarding medications and medical treatments. Meeting the developmental and emotional needs of patients is a priority as well as ensuring patient and family safety. The nursing team is dedicated to providing excellent care and helping families through their stay in the PICU.

Vanderbilt picu nurses PICU Nurses

PCCU Care PartnersCare Partners
The Care Partners in the PICU provide age-appropriate care under the supervision of a registered nurse. Care Partners ensure that staff have supplies and equipment needed to perform patient care. They assist in performing medical tasks and daily hygiene care. They also comfort and play with patients to  address their emotional and developmental needs. Care Partners play a vital role in patient and family safety by ensuring a clean and safe environment. 

PCCU Medical Receptionists

Medical Receptionists
The medical receptionist facilitates communication between health care team members to promptly provide patients with the needed support. The medical receptionist answers phone calls to the unit from families and staff. They also answer the door bell and verify visitors to the unit to ensure patient safety. The medical receptionists also update computer systems to ensure smooth transitions of patients within different hospital units.

Medical Equipment Technicians

The Medical Equipment Technicians (MET) oversees appropriate medical equipment availability to the unit and delivery to patient rooms, sometimes during critical situations. They also verify that equipment is safe, functioning, and repaired if needed. METs are essential in setting up equipment for unit procedures.

PCCU Respiratory TherapistsRespiratory Therapists
Our pediatric respiratory therapists are responsible for many aspects of patient care, such as ventilator management, airway clearance therapy, oxygen and specialized gas delivery, and aerosol therapies. We also have a central laboratory in the unit for running blood gas analysis. Our team is made up of all Registered Respiratory Therapists, who have advanced life support certification and a minimum of one year of experience. All team members have received specialized in-house training on decision making and special equipment specific to the unit.

PCCU Child Life
Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists work with patients and families to reduce stress and anxiety that may be associated with the healthcare experience. Their work helps to meet the developmental, psychosocial, educational, and emotional needs of patients and families. The Child Life specialist provides opportunities to help children develop appropriate independence, promotes normal growth and development through play, and increases both patient and family understanding of the hospital experience. The specialists also work with siblings to aid in their understanding of and coping through the hospitalization of their brother or sister.

Case Managers
Case managers assemble and coordinate your team of health care service providers, including doctors, nurses, and therapists. The main goals of a case management nurse is to ensure your child receives quality and appropriate care, as well as the most cost effective services. They work directly with patients and their families, developing a professional relationship with them in order to perform assessments on the patient. Once an assessment has been completed and all proper data has been collected, the case management nurse works in close collaboration with the patient's physician and all members of the health care team to coordinate and manage all aspects of that patient's care and services, including arranging needed referrals.

Social Workers

Social workers are members of the health care team who assist families during the time their child is in the PICU. They provide a variety of services including: information about community resources, addressing concrete needs (food, lodging, work or school-related issues, financial concerns), supportive counseling, help in understanding the medical system, facilitating healthy coping, and addressing family issues or concerns. The social workers work closely with families and team members to meet patients' and families' needs. Our social worker holds a Master's Degree in social work and has many years of experience working in the hospital setting.

Guest Service Representatives

Guest Services representatives are part of the PICU team with a primary focus on the patient's families and guests. They are available to provide orientation to the unit, assist families and guests with navigating the hospital, and help with finding local area restaurants and accommodations. The Guest Services representative also helps families connect with the appropriate resources or staff members during their time on the unit, whether it be a Child Life specialist, a financial counselor, the Safety Store, a social worker, the Family Resource Center, or a nurse. They are instrumental in helping families achieve a positive experience.

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